Our Services Include:
  • Job Profiling: forms the foundation of a number of Human Resource processes including: Recruitment and Selection, Performance Management, Training and Development, Career and Succession Planning. Our consultants will assist you to match critical competencies required for your organisation’s various job roles.
  • Skills Audits: is a process for identifying employees’ skills and comparing them skills required by the organisation now and in the future so that the skill shortfall or surplus can be determined and addressed. The outcome of our skills audit process is a skills gap analysis. This information will enable the organisation to improve by providing the appropriate training and development to individuals to cater for the identified skill gaps. (Workplace Skills planning and Personal Development Plan) The skills audit process will also provide information which can be used for purposes such as internal employee selection and to ensure that the correct person is deployed in each position.
  • Curriculum design and development
  • Learning material design and development
  • Competency Assessment: Our team of Industrial Psychologists make use of competency assessments to ensure matching current and required competencies and to identify gaps.
  • Performance Management CPI aims to improve organisation’s performance. We will assist by implementing a Performance Management system that will:
      • Supports alignment of goals with the overall organisational strategy
      • Allows different performance plan templates to provide required flexibility
      • Enables organisational, team and individual goals to be agreed and monitored
      • Coach  managers to conduct interim and final reviews
      • Supports competency development at individual and group levels
      • Assist managers to identify  of key performance indicators and tracking system